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Being in the Summer months can be the highlight of the year; it is for me. Don't you feel like it gives us permission to have fun and seek out those experiences we never make time for? It gives us an excuse to lighten up and be more playful. In Winter we are way too serious, even though we have more downtime, or so it seems. With the ushering in of Summer, we are being asked to nourish and nurture ourselves. Getting into the ocean, a pool, or a lake will help us to refresh and recharge. It seems to give ourselves permission to let go. The Sun is out and is helping all our plants to grow, but feels like it is also giving us a sunshine bath that gives us more light to refill us from the months without it.

For many of us, we need an excuse to have an event that takes us to the beach, or a park, or even a Summer wedding. We have to tell everyone that we had to take the day off to go to this event. We can't possibly let them think that we want to go. For a long time, with many of us being workaholics, we have forgotten the value of play. They even have classes on Play Therapy now. Could it be that if we call it therapy, then we can give ourselves permission to do it?

Weekly Challenge: Do three playful things this week, then journal the outcome of how you feel both emotionally and physically. You will be so glad you did!💥

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