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Just Be Yourself

It has been explained to us that we are all unique individuals, trying to discover who we really are. Each one of us is like a beautiful flower waiting to unfold into our own expression of how we are meant to shine. If that is all true, then why are we always spending so much time studying everyone else and how they are doing things in the world?

I believe it is our job to uncover who we really are, what are own gifts are, and how we can bring them out into the world in the most natural way. After all, how can you fail at being yourself? We keep forgetting that we are not meant to be like everyone else and although mimicking someone may be flattering to them, you're not being your authentic self. There have been times myself when I’ve looked at amazing, gifted people in the same field and have been so taken back at their unique way of presenting themselves. I have questioned "should I present myself more like so and so?" "Should I be more like her?" Of course the answer is No! When I came to my senses I realized that Spirit made me the way I am. I have my own way of doing things, presenting myself, and relating to the people I engage with. If I was a different person, I would do it in a different way, but I’m not.

It would be a pretty boring world if we were all alike. Why is it that we seek out certain friends that we connect with? I’m sure it’s because they have different gifts that we can appreciate when we’re with, but they don’t have to be the same as ours. It’s like exchanging gifts. These are the parts that we seek for ourselves. We can experience them in the moment and then we can go back to being ourselves.

With all the talk about authenticity, it surprises me how many still try to cover up their own gifts by trying to be who they aren’t. We can study another’s way of doing things and maybe get some ideas from them, but when it comes to trying someone else on for size, it won’t work. We are each like a different color meant to shine in our own light, in our own way. Next time you want to replicate someone else or their way of shining in the world, remember you just have to be yourself and you don’t have to practice that because you can’t fail at being who you truly are. That’s where the magic lies. Use it!

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