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It’s Never Too Late

One of the things people always ask me is about their life purpose. There are no limitations to when you can start putting energy out to either discover or start your life purpose. I have found that it really is a life journey of discovering the direction you want to go in. We are so busy looking outside of ourselves that we don’t make the time to just sit and listen for guidance. The quiet time is the most valuable time. We all say that we love it, yet why don’t we make more time for it?

In looking back over my life, the most valuable years have been the past couple. Even though I continue to be very busy, I had a few life experiences grab me by the you know what and it forced me to stop and listen. All the trying to figure it out in my head didn’t work. Taking time to re-set and meditate is most important. Once you surrender to it, like Magic, a stream of thoughts will start flowing to you. Especially if you ask the question about your purpose, your soul will give you clues as if to say go this way.

Age doesn’t matter at all. You could be 80 and just be discovering your purpose. We all have plenty of time. Themost important is to remember that if we live every day on purpose, putting thought into everything we do and say, then we are living our purpose!

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