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In For a Ride

It’s crazy to think that only one month of the new year is almost done. Time feels like it’s speeding up (even though they tell us there is no such thing as time anymore) and the pages are turning quite rapidly. If this first month is any indication of where we’re headed for the year, hold on we’re in for a ride! Although we can’t let the outer circumstances be responsible for our direction in life, we need to keep taking steps to move forward towards our dreams. It’s important not to ignore what is happening in the big picture. We can no longer hide our heads in the sand. Every day I ask myself if there is anything I can do about whatever I am observing. I always believe that holding a positive light around the traumas were witness to help. We can’t help things by complaining constantly or we become part of that problem. I choose to be part of the solution. What we can do is pray, meditate on solutions, or envision the future being different from the past. Surrender is a big piece of it as well since the Divine always knows what they're doing. Many people wonder why there is no Divine Intervention with all the craziness happening from politics, natural disasters, and everything else. How do we really know there is none? Maybe it would be ten times worse. It always could be worse. Want to help? Just Clean up your little corner of the world and hold hope for what can change. It only takes a miracle after all!

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