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Honoring Our Earth Mother

As June is in full swing everything is waking up. We get to witness being a part of a beautiful tapestry if we just take the time to appreciate our surroundings. The vibrant colors of the grass and flowers seem to be calling out to us saying I'm alive. In the same way, we are coming back after a long winter night. Like never before since covid, we are appreciating what Mother Earth has always offered to us but perhaps we were too busy to notice before. I never want to take the earth for granted or the beauty of the scenery in nature. As I have been blessed to travel frequently in the past, I have shed tears at the beauty she has given us. Seeing crystal clear bodies of water, pristine beaches, the red rocks, mountains, and even the redwoods. Amazing!

Mother Earth asks for little in return and she is in need at this time. In my meditations, she has been calling to ask that we all do our part of the cleanup. It would be a shame if future generations never got to witness the beauty that we have sometimes taken for granted. The next time you're in the forest wrap your arms around a tree and send it light and gratitude. This Summer when you're going for a swim bless the creatures that live there both big and small and send healing to them and the element of water knowing that that body of water is connected to other bodies as well and your energy will spread. Never doubt what you as one person can do to make a difference.

We could choose to take one element a week and work with it for healing and clearing. Water, earth, air, fire, and also ether. Ether is spirit or that space of stillness that holds all other elements. There are many ways to help.

When working with the water element to heal you could get into a body of water to send light or take pictures of different locations of water and meditate on them for healing. This keeps it simple. Don't make obstacles in your mind. Everything is intention.

With the fire element, you could use the bonfire to write things you wish to clear for the earth and place them in the fire. Don't forget to put things like abuse of power, greed, etc. in the fire.

For earth, you could gather up some rocks from sites and pray on them and put good juju in them and then redistribute them in different locations. The energy will continue to radiate out onto the earth.

The air is so polluted from factories, chemicals, and of course chemtrails. You could use your breath as you imagine every time you inhale you have powerful light and energy going into your lungs to clear away anything you have inhaled that may have been harmful to you. When you exhale, imagine that same healing light is going out into the air to do cleanup. You could go for a walk while doing this imagining the clean-up.

Ether uses spirit and intuition. We can pray, meditate, or even do decree work. When we take the time to be available for spirit we can also ask our angels and guides for help for the earth. Remember we have to ask since we have free will.

Please heed the warning and step up to do your part. Even small steps can make a big difference. Own your power and spread the love! 💜


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