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Happy Endings

Although traditionally Labor Day weekend is thought of as the end to Summer, what if we could think of it as just another turn in the wheel? The focus might change because of going back to school, but it doesn't have to be a bad thing. Mothers can get a little free time back and get a little more organized with what they want to accomplish now.

I think sometimes people dread change, no matter what it is. Change can bring surprises, opportunities, and also much growth. It's too bad most associate change with the challenging or negative experiences. We must look beyond the current challenge and look for the happy ending that eventually follows. We have short-term memories when it comes to that. We can tell you every bad thing that happened in our life, but forget to share what eventual good came out of it. Someone may go through a divorce and meet their Soulmate. Someone has a life-threatening disease and heals from it and changes their whole life looking at what's really important. Someone else may lose their job and start the business they never had the courage to before. You get my drift.

If we can focus on the happy ending that came out of the pain or struggle, we can learn to see it as life, or another growth experience just begging for us to make a change and move that much closer to the life we have wanted to live.

Challenge: Don't complain about the end of Summer. Bring a little Summer into each and every day!


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