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Go Back To Your Why

When you first had an inspiration about what you love and what moves you, at some point, you had to ask yourself, what is my why? If you’re clear on why you want to do what it is you’re wanting to create, then that in itself will help you create. It starts to propel you and build momentum forward. Let's face it, it's easy at the beginning of creating a business or project to stay excited, but soon after you have been going through it for a while you may get bored or even stuck. That's when you want to revisit your why. Why are you doing it in the first place? Why is this even needed in the world? Why are you the one offering it? Once you have answered these questions, own it! Don't question yourself anymore. What are you contributing to your community, tribe, or the world? Usually, this will get you inspired again and ignite that spark within you.

If that doesn't work, ask yourself, how am I showing up for my business? Even if you don't have a business, how are you showing up for the family, for work, for yourself, and for your tribe? It is normal to have periods where we’re not as enthusiastic about our life as other times, but it's what we do with those times that makes all the difference in the world. Sometimes just getting a new look or hairdo may do it for us. Other times if we move things in our environment or buy a new piece of furniture, that could be enough to shift how we show up.

When we’re clear on our why and write it on an index card, it seems to act as a decree that it is so. Say it aloud every morning as a reminder of why you get out of bed, work all the hours, and make a difference in the world. Then show up with every ounce of passion in you. Don't kid yourself, that passion will shine through with all your peeps. You will produce more, sell more, and be more just for showing up differently. So how will you show up today?


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