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Following The Signs of Nature

Fall is a great time to follow the signs of nature. Especially in New England, we are so full of color and sound. Acorns are dropping, leaves are falling and even the gusts of wind are reminding us to honor the elements. I was taking a walk the other day and it reminded me of a scene from Fantasia. Everything was coming to life. Just coming back from England, it remains fresh in my mind how alive all of nature is. A brief walk in the woods turns into a magical adventure. The group did plenty of walking and hiking through different scenes of nature and one thing remained the same - the aliveness. I wondered if it was just because we were in England but soon, I realized it was because we were all taking the time to be in nature. No hidden agenda except for being present with our breath and our surroundings. Wow! What a difference. As we move through nature, it tells us a story if only we are present to listen. There are signs all around us and it’s our job to be in silence to hear, feel, sense, and receive what those signs are. I found myself playing a little game. I would ask for a sign before going into a particular site and they always came to me - sometimes by animal messenger, sometimes through the fairies or even from the magical trees there. In Avebury, there was a very special tree that looked as if it hopped out of The Hobbit. The roots were a foot thick and so inviting to us. It spoke to me and invited us there to sit on its roots. I started giving channeled messages and felt it was coming directly from the tree spirit itself; a wise one indeed.

After this trip I find myself longing to be back in nature. Although there is nothing stopping me, I have to make it a matter of daily importance. I’m promising myself that this is as important as food and water. All I have to do is put it to the top of my list, slow down and receive all that it has for me. This is a form of meditation that is good for all. Our soul longs for it. As I was reminded how special it is, I hope this is reminding you as well. Join me for the November Challenge. For the rest of November, get in nature every day and see what Mother Earth has in store for you. There are messages just waiting for you. 

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