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Fall Equinox Request

On September 23 we will celebrate Fall Equinox. As you read this I will be leading a group to England. We will actually be arriving on Fall Equinox. We will be going to Glastonbury, home of The Goddess. Spirit will be guiding and leading us throughout all the Magical and sacred sites throughout the country side. Please connect vibrationally with my group as we align together on this very powerful energetic day. Don’t worry about time change as there is no time in spirit world. Just by intending to connect with the group and why we have been sent there, will be enough. Spirit has sent us there to do some work, which I am not free to talk about at this time. By connecting with us, you are being invited in to be a part of this journey with your soul. There is no accident as to who chooses to connect and align with us. We will be there for the entire week until September 30.

Start by connecting on September 23 throughout the week until the 30th. Whenever people choose to assist in this way, something always comes back to part of your life.

So please feel invited, not obligated. Light a candle, pray or do whatever feels right to you. Thank you in advance and have a powerful Fall Equinox!

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