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No matter which way you train your mind to see things, it will. You can either focus on all that’s wrong with the world and continue to generate more of the same, or you can look for all the golden nuggets here. Quite frankly it’s so tiring hearing everyone complain about all the conditions down here, when Spirit says, just focus on what’s right. When we do this we are able to change things in the moment. Even if we just change things for us and lift our spirit and vibration, then it’s all worth it. Many times I have been accused of having my head in the sand when it comes to looking at what’s going on in the world in the political arena or other areas that affect us all. Please be clear that this is not me ignoring, ( I am very aware ) it is me holding a higher vision of hope. We must rise above the vibration of pain and suffering. At those times it’s helpful for me to remember that I am not in charge, everything happens for a reason even if we don’t know why, things can shift in a moments notice and most importantly Spirits got this!

If we flip a switch and start to look at the many things and people of this world that are extraordinary, it raises our vibration. If we’re expecting things to be grateful for, it creates a funnel to bring more in. It’s just how the energies work folks! If we’re focused on seeing the extraordinary in our world then we can train ourself to see it. We won’t even draw in those other experiences. That’s The Law Of Attraction at work.

I remember reading something awhile ago about when we are focused on a particular subject our brain filters through the information in front of us to bring forth and highlight all the examples of where your focus is. Did you ever wonder why when your focused on something, that’s all that shows up in your life then? That’s why.

Let’s re-train our brain for noticing and drawing our attention to the extraordinary. Here’s a little exercise for you. Everyday before you leave your house say, I wonder what extraordinary things I will see today? When we ask it as a question, it is spiritual law to answer you. Ask for three things to experience everyday that is extraordinary. Then notice the people that cross your path that day. Maybe it’s a beautiful sunrise or a family of ducks crossing the road. Take a moment to pause and interrupt your day to remember that this is important. Often we are so busy going through day we forget to take a breath and enjoy something that causes us to smile and take note. It may be an elderly couple holding hands or children just being children and giving us a pleasant memory of how we use to play. It doesn’t matter what it is as much as your noticing what your noticing and taking a big exhale. At the end of your day reflect on the three things you noticed. Before you know it, you will increase your awareness of them.

I wish you extraordinary results!


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