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I feel the energy of excitement stirring in my soul. Sometimes we really don’t know what it’s all about, but we can still feel it. It’s like when we were younger and knew Summer was coming and with it vacation and fun. I feel that spirituality can be like this. We tend to think everything has to be so grueling and hard, as we drag ourselves through it. I think we can use the energy of change to get excited and joyful about yet another experience spirit is bringing us. Most tend to complain about change. Many feel automatically that change means something bad. Always in looking back, when I have had a push and shove by spirit, they have always had my back.

I see it as a kind of upleveling of my soul. Would I have wanted it without knowing what it was I was going to, or without having guarantees, NO. Not at the time. But I have grown and learned so much by following Divine Guidance, that then built my trust and now I know how to surrender to what I’m being shown, as the best path for my ever expanding soul. The more you consciously grow, the faster you move through these levels of expansion and change. I had a major one almost three years ago and BAM I can feel it coming again. It’s calling to my soul, much like a beautiful song that is calling to a Mermaid in the deep. Until it shows up, I rest, I trust, and I surrender to the unknown, knowing that when it’s Divine Timing, all will be revealed to me.

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