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Enjoying The Ride

As we take our first step into the New Year, it’s exciting to have a fresh slate. It feels like freshly fallen snow before anyone walks on it. We have to sit and think about where we are, what we have accomplished leading up to this moment, and where we want to go. We tend to think about accomplishing too many things at once and so we can get frozen in thought before we even begin. When we are changing patterns, habits, and paradigms, it is easy to get off track. There seems to be a part of us that says we want to change but are afraid of it at the same time. What will it cost me? Who will I be? Will people still like me? Can I do it?

There are three words that we need to be aware of when stepping into unknown territory - distraction, dissuasion, and defcon. These are the deadly 3 Ds. With distraction, a part of you will keep creating other things to get involved with that keep your mind and wheels spinning. That part of you is your ego. Its job is to keep throwing as many things in front of you so you never get to your goal. Dissuasion’s job is to postpone you, get you off track, and keep you from taking action. By the time you get to defcon, you are feeling petrified to even make a move and it feels like a life or death situation. Every reason why you can’t move forward starts running nonstop in your head repeatedly. You work yourself up with every "what if" there is. What if I’m making a mistake? What if I lose everything? What if I fail? This is the biggest underlying fear. People tend to make up stories and excuses on why they can’t really go after what they want. Inside they are petrified to think if it is my dream, what if I fail? Remember the ego's job is to keep you small and safe. To get out of any of the 3 Ds, TAKE ACTION. Any small action step will lead you out of that stagnant energy. Taking small steps will get you to build momentum and before you know it you will cross the threshold of your personal finish line. Ultimately, if we know why the fear is coming up we can talk to that part of us and enjoy the ride. Remember that at the end of the day we are on earth to experience and to have fun. Just do it!

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