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Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Hold onto your hats! This week on July 16 there will be yet another eclipse. It will fall at 24 degrees in Capricorn. This eclipse will be a partial lunar eclipse of the full moon. This eclipse will be in Capricorn, also during 6 planets being retrograde. The Sun will still be in Cancer. It happens on the east coast at 2.43 pm.

The moon is feminine and will usher in a time of rebirth of the feminine energy. The feminine energy is about connecting with your emotional body and looking underneath to the shadow parts of us asking for healing. It’s calling for us to heal what no longer serves us. Each time we heal a little bit more of our past, we free ourselves to see these times as a magnificent gift, with the aid of the planets. This can be an amazing time to get clear and listen to your intuitive side of your nature as well. We are affected on many levels during this time of the eclipse. Our physical bodies can feel drained or out of balance. You may feel like you can’t sleep. Just be aware that these are not lasting affects. Our emotional bodies will feel everything and you may be even more sensitive than usual. Watch out for jumping to conclusions, taking things personally or even looking to be reactive during this time. You can channel this energy by putting it into some positive direction or project you have been wanting to move on. Physical activity is good at this time as well. If we go with the energy instead of fighting it, you will find more ease at this time. Ultimately it is a powerful time for releasing, resetting, and bringing yourself to a place of rebirth.

It’s a great time to do a write and burn around what you know you want to release. You can ask for help from the universe to get through whatever you are struggling letting go of. Always remember to give gratitude to the universe in advance for what your letting go of. This is where we get a little help from our planets and aspects in the sky to move us with this powerful energy. It’s a powerful way to begin our shift from endings to new beginnings. Have fun with it!


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