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Doom & Gloom Or Dance & Celebration

For years there has been a conflict in the new age and spiritual community between all the doom and gloom predictions vs. everything is going to be just fine. I have lived 60 plus years to see both play out, but not in the way we thought. There have been those groups that thought the world would come to an end many times over, but it didn’t.

Also, many thought that there would be heaven on earth again. I believe that both are true. The world as we know it is changing folks and this does represent the world ending.

The bigger picture suggests that the energy that is pouring onto the earth at the present time is doing a major clean up in many areas on earth. You can feel it as the energies get more intense from day to day. Spirit has suggested not to judge what is going on and to stay in a neutral position so we do not add more muck to the mire. On the other hand, we do see the results of our prayers and holding the light for a better tomorrow.

Nothing happens by chance. Everything, even the perceived negative, has a part in the bigger picture. Stop all the chatter. Stop all the negative remarks and the opinions of what you think should have happened. There is a reason that spirit is overseeing it all.

Be patient and allow for a time of dance and celebration, although nothing happens overnight. As you find your way back to yourself and spirit, all will be revealed. I have learned that spirit operates in the field of no time. Any predictions in the world arena have always been off. It takes longer and in that time it gives us the power to change outcomes, so don’t be attached to what you read. Always run it internally by your own intuition and stop looking for some future date for heaven on earth and take charge of it today and make every day a heaven on earth day celebrating all your gratitude.


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