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Don't Wait For Your Happiness

With all the indecision in the world, don't wait for your happiness. It is so important to think about what brings you joy and to find a way to initiate this in your life. It's not a once-in-a-lifetime event. It should be daily, no matter how small an effort. Sometimes we need to search for a memory that can take us there in the moment.

We can't put our happiness off now for some hope of a future condition. As the world holds no promise of a more perfect condition, especially now, there is something to be said about living for today. There are no guarantees on how long each of us will be here, and certainly no guarantees on how long this civilization will be here as a collective. So be happy now!

Often, we find things each day to be grateful for yet we continue to complain about everything. We already know what lowers our vibration, yet we still do it. Focusing on what brings us joy raises our vibration and draws in more of the same into our life.

Do you ever go to the store and you’re greeted by a very positive person? It can make your day and turn around something in the moment. What used to be a given with that, is no more. In fact, it is so rare that when it does happen we overreact and feel like they're amazing for just doing their job. How sad is that?

Be happy now! Make a difference with what you can, surrender the rest, and make joy a constant in your life!


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