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Creating Sacred Space To Heal

This is our final week on the topic of trauma. I believe when we're ready to deal with some of your trauma it's important to start with an intention. Your intention is so important. It defines what you want out of this time. It's good to start by creating a holy space within a part of your environment. A place where you are surrounded by things you love. Maybe a place where you meditate or pull cards for yourself. We want to feel safe before we dive into what we want to shift. Ways we can do this is by using an essential oil. The oils can bypass the critical brain and start sending messages. I find that Lavender oil or Rose oil is great for that. There is also an oil from Young Living Oils called Inner Child. This one is great for making your inner child feel safe and relax a bit. One way we can move the energy on our own is to do some breathing.

Breathing helps us stay in the present moment, and not drag us back into our past traumas. Sometimes it is helpful to quiet the mind and find out where your trauma is stored in the body. For example, if it was a loss it may be stored in your heart. Put your hand over your heart and start breathing into it. You may wish to imagine that your physical heart is breathing itself, ink and out. You may wish to imagine sending a peaceful color into it as well. You may want to talk to the location or organ. Trust whatever comes.  If it was a big trauma you may decide to do it every day for a while and this will start to bring it up to the surface, and then you can reach out for more help. You may want to seek out an energy practitioner to help assist in moving the energy. You don't want to leave it there forever because eventually, it can cause problems on the physical level. You may want to go to a hypnotherapist to get more information, but only if you choose to. Make sure you have your support in place. Going to your therapist or health care practitioner may be the answer for you.

It's important to know everyone does it a little differently. We have choices. Some people choose to just dive in fully. Others choose to take small steps, and that is fine.

Honor yourself and your process. This way you will feel safe in your own skin.

Eft ( emotional freedom technique ) is fabulous as well. It is a tapping technique that brings what's underneath to the surface. It can help you on all levels to release past emotions our trauma. It doesn't matter what you choose to do as long as you start moving towards your healing journey. Also, if you need assistance with it I am always available to help. Just breathe……

Need help working through trauma, and having a hard time letting go? Check out my self paced 8 week online course here.

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