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Coming Back

As I have been reflecting lately, I know one thing for sure, it's time to come back from all this separation. The separation I speak of is everyone feeling the need to defend their beliefs. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and feelings. It is not up to anyone else to convince them otherwise. During the past year, I have seen such division with especially lightworkers feeling the need to argue over everything and it breaks my heart.

At the core, we all want what's best for our country and its people. We all want our families to be safe, to have good food, clean water, shelter, good health, peace and to have the right to livelihood and the where with all to support ourselves without being enslaved. I hope we can all remember why we are all here at this time.

We are supposed to be healing ourselves and this planet and to be ambassadors of love and an example of the power of it. I hope that we can start to remember this as we move forward in the days ahead and remember that we are supposed to be raising our vibration to ascend. The division I have seen has lowered many vibrations by getting engaged in the drama of this world. So let's make this a fresh slate and a fresh start for all of us.

People talk about their right to bear arms and others are concerned about them injuring people with them. I feel people's mouths can do some serious damage as well. Just like guns, once the trigger is pulled it's too late. It is the same for not controlling what you say that may cause injury to another. Let's start by taking responsibility again for our words, thoughts, and deeds. It's time to be responsible again. I think it's a good reminder to get our own house in order and control ourselves by thinking before we speak. This is a good reminder for all of us.

Many of you are empathetic and feel everything that is going on in the collective and some of you work with trying to process for the collective. I understand this is not easy, as I do that work myself. There are times we have to step back and take a deep breath while asking is this my issue or is it larger than me? If it is not yours, ask if it can be lifted or lightened as you try to clear this. Going into meditation or some form of quiet helps tremendously. Another thing that may help is submerging in a bathtub with salts or oils. The bath reflects the water held in our bodies and the salt is a conductor to clear negative energies. This will help. Even if you have children struggling or lashing out, get them in the water as well.

We are strong spiritual beings and we can do this. Reset and get back on track.

I'm glad to be sharing this experience with all of you. 💜

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