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Being Consistent in Your Own Life

Do you even realize how important consistency is in your own life? When we’re consistent we move towards our goals and dreams. If we take constant action, we are moving both energetically and physically, and sending a message to spirit. If your dreams are important enough to you, you have to do your part. Sitting around and dreaming about your future is only one part. You can dream about something all day long, but it will take you taking steps in the right direction to make it happen.

When we stay focused, we achieve one milestone after another while building momentum to get to the finish line. It’s ok to stop, rest, and regroup along the way. In fact, it is necessary to balance ourselves and our lives.

One part that is equally important is play. To be honest, I struggle with this myself, and spirit has talked to me about this over and over again. I do ok when I focus on it, but more often than not, I gravitate back to my work. I'm making an effort to include this weekly. By bringing play into our lives consistently it gives us the energy to keep moving. Some dreams take us a while to get there, and we need our play and joy to keep us going along the way.

It's time to take inventory and revisit your dreams. Are you clear on what you're trying to create? Are you taking steps daily in the direction of your dreams? Are you making time to play each week? Do you view rest, and downtime as a waste of time? Get clear and then move as if this is the most important thing in the world because it should be. After all, your dreams are only important to you, and it will take all the energy you're willing to give to actualize all of them. Pull the trigger and make it happen! Remember, even your emotions need to stay consistent along the way. Manifestations come from having an idea and adding your passionate feelings to it as you visualize the end result, then take daily action, and boom, you arrive there!

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