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Becoming Supernatural

Becoming Supernatural is a tittle of a book by Dr. Joe Dispenza. I’m not writing about the book, I just love the tittle. It has me thinking about what that means. I first looked up the definition of the word and it states, “ a manifestation or event attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature.” It further states that it is related to psychic, paranormal, Magic, mystic, miracles, outherwordly, and mysterious. I realized why I love the word, that’s my world on a day to day basis.

My whole life has been exploring these subjects, and my conclusion is, what is quite normal to one, may seem so abnormal to another based on your background. Just like for me, scientific experiments may seem strange.

It’s very clear that these two worlds are crossing the barriers of time, and space realities. What once was, is changing rapidly, and we’re all seeing the potential of both worlds, and what we can learn from one another. It’s crazy that the scientific, and the mystical are meeting in the middle now. Just the language is different. Anyway you want to look at it, Both sides are here to grow, and learn from the other. We’re seeing the resistance dropping. We’re coming to the same conclusions through different routes. It’s the same results whether you take the straight route or get off at the detours for the experiences.

Where science uses experiments, we use experiences. Experiences come first hand, and you can’t learn an experience from reading it in a book. There is only a certain amount of sensory that comes from a book. I have to jump in, and feel it all. No one can  tell me that my experiences didn’t happen. I know! They have all been real, and grooming me for something within myself. You can explain your experiences of the supernatural, but something gets lost in the translation. So whether your more comfortable on the science side or more comfortable on the spirit side, it matters not. We will all end up in the same place with many experiences to grow by!

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