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Age of Aquarius

I'm sending a happy New Year to every one of you. Let's move this energy and leave the old behind. 2020 will be one that will be written in the history books, and we can say we lived it! As we move forward, we can look to the age of Aquarius and all it brings. A time of ringing in peace and unity, and looking for what's good for all of us.

I remember hearing that song back in the ’60s and loving the words. I now know that the song was definitely channeled. In order to align with the new energies trying to birth a new vision, it's time to be mindful of how we are either adding to the problem or causing more of a problem. We have to take full responsibility for our part. That may sound easy enough, but although we claim to be awake, it's easy enough to want to fall back asleep. Many of the lightworkers are exhausted and are running out of steam. We have been promised for too long that it's just a little longer and although we know better, many are still growing impatient. I can understand.

Let's see the beginning of this year as a time for fresh starts and looking at the world through the eyes of a child. A child always believes. We have to get Santa Claus back in our lives. A reason to believe in miracles and blessings again. What if we didn't know any better? What if we were just starting out on the spiritual path? We would have a different outlook for sure.

It's a time to create anew. A time to dream BIG. A time for all of us to collaborate together and send a collective win-win vision out for all of us. It's like painting a beautiful canvas. We start with a fresh canvas and paint till our visions complete.

To all of our inventors, start imagining the problems we have in the world and find creative ways to solve these old problems. We have to first look at what they are before we can solve them. By looking at each area such as education, healthcare, politics, food, farming, etc., and seeing what our greatest complaints are, we could change things. Although this is just the start of the Age of Aquarius, we have to practice at creating using our imagination as one of our greatest tools. Don't underestimate the power we have when we all come together as one.

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