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Adversity or Opportunity?

As we travel down this river of life, it's important to remember that as we are challenged, we are being asked to grow into our authentic selves. When challenges arise that seem to push us past our former comfort zone, as Napoleon Hill once said "There is no adversity without a seed of equal or greater opportunity.” If we really think about it in looking back on previous obstacles or challenges, we can see it's true. There is always something that comes out of it that we couldn't see at the time.

We have to be willing to see our progress step by step over perfection. If we are waiting to make a move when we can perfectly do it, we will be waiting for the rest of our lives. As long as we are on earth, true perfection doesn't exist. We simply do the best that we can do, and show up playing full-on each day.

No matter what comes our way, remember that this is happening for me, and not to me. Your highest self has called this forward as another growth opportunity, even when it seems so big. Then ask yourself, what is possible when we can get out of our own way? That is like the soft creamy filling inside the tootsie roll. We have to chew on the hard chewy part first before we get to the real gift inside. That is much like our life.

At my age, I can totally see the whys of my whole life. Although it didn't make sense then, it all does now. Give it enough time, and you will have all your answers. All the players in your life, and why they were there, all the challenges that you worked through, and all the whys of it. It feels like a consolation that we aren't really aware of all of it until much later in life. Then once we have the awareness we can call out to the universe, bring it on, and it will, but we will be able to clearly see it as another opportunity, and not just more adversity.

Remember this when you are faced with the next circumstance or challenge, and ask, what wonderful opportunity is coming out of this challenge? Since the universe has to answer our questions, continue to ask questions, and then be the detective in your own life to see how they get answered. Take this newfound awareness, and create the opportunities you have been waiting for.

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