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A New Chapter

As I am returning home today from our sacred journey I know I am

forever changed. I feel that at this time we are all getting ready to start

a new chapter on our journey. I feel that we are each in charge of our

own new chapter and the direction we choose to go in. It's as if we are

all given a clean slate at times and our guides sit back to see what we

will do with it. This time, go easy on yourself. If we breathe into the

present moment we can let go of our past and make better choices.

We can step out of the shadow of our past.

What makes us want to hold onto the past when being offered a fresh

slate? Is it because we are familiar with the pain and don't trust that

the future won't repeat the past? Either way, move on. Remember,

that at the time you went through things you did the best you knew


After being recharged, I am returning home. Have all my problems

disappeared? Absolutely not! I am going to look at what challenges

still exist and look at them through fresh eyes.

I plan on appreciating what I can in life and surrendering the rest.

Surrender doesn't mean I give up. It means I don't let it defeat me. I

use the positive new energy to move me forward with new solutions

and possibilities. If we switch our focus we can use our creativity to

look at new options. Then our new chapter presents itself pointing us

in the right direction for us to move with inspired action, attracting all

we need to start anew.

Use this time of year as the wheel is turning

again and as we are approaching Fall Equinox to manifest yet another

part of your dreams. Always include some form of ritual to drive it

home with lighting a candle, doing a write & burn, or something else

that drives your passion home. Just clean the old slate and create!

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