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A Forever Future

I was in a store the other day and overheard someone talking on a

phone saying, “I'm so excited about my forever future with him. Often,

when spirit wants me to pay attention to something they will flash it to

me as if I am seeing a strobe light. That had already gotten my

attention and started me thinking before I even left the store. So here

it is.

What we all need to know is that there is NO forever future because

the future is always changing moment to moment depending on where

your thoughts are and choices in the moment that will lead to your

future. Also, you can’t control other people's thoughts or actions.

When your future is entangled or based on someone else's decisions

and choices, it can change without a moment's notice. If we could put

our attention on staying in the present moment and focusing on what

brings us joy moment to moment, then we have to trust that our future

will be even better. Sometimes what shows up comes in a form you

least expect.

How many times when something so called negative happens, when

enough time goes by you can see the why of what happened? When

enough time passes, something even better shows up that we could

never imagine or asked for ourselves.

That's the beauty of not asking for your future to repeat your past

sometimes. For some, they automatically assume that the future will

be worse if there is change. What if the future is full of miracles, and

hope for an even brighter one?

Let's just appreciate what we have now and trust the process with our

higher selves and the Divine. We got this!

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