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Journey To Sacred Scotland & Ireland
September 7 - September 16, 2023
Cost: Approximately $3,275 US

Brenda Edwards will be gathering the group that will go on this sacred journey. I have wanted to go back to Scotland and to go to Ireland for many years now. Due to the pandemic making travel more difficult, we have not been able to go till now. Many of you have come on other trips I've led and have experienced such joy being in these magical sacred sites along with others you have bonded with along the way. People have acknowledged that their lives have been changed forever. 

The itinerary is listed below. If it calls to your soul, it's meant to be. 

On this trip I have hired someone to guide us through all these sites. Jaime George has been leading groups to England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland for many years. He owns Gothic Image Tours in Glastonbury, England. He is a Druid himself and will be telling us about the history, myth, and legends of each area. He is very knowledgeable in the mystical arts and rituals as well. 

Contact me at 413-526-9840 or for more information. You will be expected to put a deposit of about $500 ( based on the exchange rate ) by February 1st. Also, when you signup you will be given a channeled message from Brenda pertaining to the whole group on the spiritual information that will be needed to have a successful trip.


We will be flying out of the states on September 6, 2023.


Day 1- Thursday, September 7th

The tour begins at Edinburgh Airport in Scotland where we will rendezvous at the international arrivals at 8am. We will gather and make our first stop in Edinburgh at Rosslyn Chapel- a book made in stone with arcane pagan and Christian carvings and a recount of the Knights Templars in 15C. made famous in recent times with the story Holy Blood, Holy Grail. We learn of its glorious history, it's myth, legend, and folklore. Then we will travel onto Oban, the gateway to the highlands. Rest, rejuvenation, dinner, and overnight here.


Day 2- Friday, September 8th

We board the early ferry to the island of Mull- travel by coach across Mull where we will take another ferry to the sacred Isle of Iona- the Isle of dreams and Druids. The Island is a veil between the worlds, a place of unfolding beauty and immense sanctity. We walk to the beautiful bay at the back of the ocean for ceremony and hear of the coming in AD563 of the Porto Druid and early Christian saint Columbo who, following a vision, arrived from Ireland and established a community of monks where the Abby now stands. We visit the magnificent Abby, St. Michael’s chapel, and the hallowed ground of the 12C nunnery. If time permits we will walk to the little ring of stones known as the Hermits cell of meditation. Free time to visit the lovely craft shops. Dinner and overnight at the St. Columba hotel by the ocean. 


Day 3- Saturday, September 9th

Today we return by ferry to the Scottish mainland and wind our way through the awesome Highlands full of majestic mountains and locks. On to the Black Isle north of Inverness with its fertile plains and bonnie landscapes to the enchanted Fairy Glen at Rosemarkie with it's stunning waterfalls full of elemental beings who welcome us through a portal into the Otherworld. Time for inner  reflection as we commune with the fairy kingdom. Bring wishing ribbons to tie to the fairy trees. 

Dinner and overnight near Inverness.


Day 4- Sunday, September 10th

After visiting the nearby illustrious ancient sacred site of the 2500BCE Clava Cairns set in a landscape temple of Beach trees and standing stones we travel south via the wonderous Cairngorm Mountains, Aviemore, and Kingussie to the pretty town of Pitlochry where we have dinner and overnight stay at the Atholl Palace Hotel. 


Day 5- Monday, September 11th

We then proceed to Edinburgh Airport for our afternoon flight to Dublin. Travel to Kildare ( Church of the Oak). We visit the early 13C cathedral of St. Bridgid which according to tradition evolved from a sanctuary of Druid priestesses. Here once resided the Cauldron of Plenty where even today the light of perpetual is kept alight to honor her memory. Here also we can view the Green Man a figure of eternal nature and a carving of Sheela-Na-Gig- a symbol of fertility. Onward to the nearby St. Bridgit’s Well, a place of healing and enchantment where we can drink deep of its healing waters. The garden sanctuary had seven stations in a Turas formation that took three hours to complete. It now has five stones each representing different aspects of Bridgit’s life. We travel to Clonmel where we stay at the Manilla Hotel. Dinner and overnight in Clonmel.


Day 6- Tuesday, September 12th

Today we travel on to Loch Gur, formed by the Goddess Aine who appears as a mermaid, young woman, and hag. As mermaid she rises from her traditional home beneath the sacred waters of the lake, as maiden, she empowers the land’s human custodians and as hagshe defends her realm. This is a hollowed sacredness to this area- a particular gentle but powerful feminine energy. After dinner we can hold a midnight lunar ritual. Later we approach the awesome stone circle of Lois at Grange- the largest on the Island which holds many treasures not least that the entrance aligns with sunrise at Lughnasa and Beltaine- the cross-quarter days in May and August. The sun then sets on another alignment at Samhain and Imbolc. We shall hold a special Thanksgiving ceremony to welcome the ancestors and offer our gratitude for their presence.

We check into our hotel. Dinner and overnight Kilmallock.


Day 7- Wednesday, September 13th

Today we visit other local sites at Loch Gur such as the beautiful lake which traditionally was created by the Goddess Aine and other sites such as the hill of Knockadoon and a dolman. Some free time in the afternoon to explore the village of Kilmallock. 

Dinner and overnight.


Day 8- Thursday, September 14th

Onwards to the blessed hill of Tara- the site of the burial ground of the queen Tea, the Goddess of the Milesians or Celts. It is also the seat of the high kings of Ireland where the sacred marriage took place between the king and the Goddess. It is a place of many mounds some of which aligns to the Summer Solstice sunrise. We marvel at the ancient Lia Fail or Stone of Destiny which is said to have cried out at the king's inauguration.

We travel onward to Drogheda where we stay for two nights. 


Day 9- Friday, September 15th

Today we visit the awesome monuments in the Boyne Valley- Newgrange and Knowth- two monumental mounds festooned with the most precious rock art carvings in Europe. New Grange- the seat of the goddess Boinn is the most famous for its association with the magical power of the Tuathe De Dannan precursors of the Celts and for it's super winter volatile sunrise alignment when the sun enters the womb chamber and illuminates the prehistoric rock art. Nearby is Knowth, another astonishing work of of architecture surrounded by 17 smaller satellite cairns with equinox alignments. Both Newgrange and Knowth are over 50000 years old. Overnight at our hotel and our farewell dinner in Drogheda.


Day 10- Saturday, September 16th

After breakfast, we travel to Dublin Airport for  International transfers. 


Prices are based on double occupancy. Single room supplements Approximately $475 US



Accommodation in a minimum of three-star hotels with private facilities, three-course dinners, full Scottish breakfast, travel in first class coach throughout, all ferry by sea travel, all transfers, entrance fees to sites, Jamie’s guides fees, gratuities excluding coach driver.


Not included:

Travel Insurance- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. International flights. Domestic flight from Scotland to Ireland. Lunches.


Cancellation Policy- The deposit can only be refunded before June 7th will a small administration fee of 50 silver.

Should someone cancel after receipt of the final payment, the whole amount can only be refunded if another person is found to replace you. In the likely event that the tour is canceled the whole amount will be refunded. 


Diets: Most diets are catered for at the hotels and at lunch stops including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy free. We will require notification of special diets before the tour starts.


Special Needs- We will need to know if there are any people with disabilities or special needs before the trip. 

Although the pace of the trip is not strenuous there are times we will be climbing hills and steps.


What to bring and wear- Weather can be changeable and unpredictable. In general, temperatures are 15-20 degrees Celsius between May & September. Be prepared to layer. A warm jacket, woolly sweater, waterproof walking shoes or boots, waterproof jacket, and hat; Other items to consider- an alarm clock, a camera, and a fold-up walking stick. Most hotels provide a hair dryer but if you wish to bring your own bring a voltage adapter. Dress is informality dinner, so that should save you on packing, but please bring one dress-up outfit for the farewell dinner.


Luggage- We transfer your bags from the coach to the hotel.

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