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Your Secret Desires

Inside of every one of us lies at least one secret desire. You may have a desire to become a better dancer, an artist, try a trampoline, parachute out of a plane, try a funky hairdo, or even travel the world. What stops you from sharing your desire and starting to make it a reality?

With a bucket list, people have the need to create one because time is running out. What if you brought your main desire to the top of the list and what if nothing could stop you? Would you find a way to make it happen? Of course, you would!

This is the moment you need to start thinking about how you can actualize it. Start by researching what it would take. If your blockage is money, find out how much it costs. Once you know what it involves or who offers it, move to breaking it down into baby steps. Then set a date of when you will be willing to move forward with it. Then step by step continue to move towards it until you arrive there. There really is nothing that stops us from living our dreams but us. It is all in your hands and everything is possible, so don’t wait until you're 90 or too sick to make it happen. Do it! Start today and feel proud that you're worth the energy!

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