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Words For The New Year

Before each new year begins, I sit with myself reviewing the major themes of my life in the current year. I look at the highs and the lows, the challenges and successes, and any residue I may still have. I look at the situations where I have not been happy with the way I may have handled some things. As a way to let go of it, I allow myself to reframe the situation. I revisit it and ask myself what could I have done differently to yield a different outcome. Once I have that, I imagine it happening in the new way. This is a way I educate myself by looking at options for the next time.

Once I get my answers from what I sit with, I look at what words I would like to use for the upcoming year. You may start by seeing if there is an area of your life that you would like to improve or give more attention to. If you wanted to improve your health, focus on using that word. It creates an intention that seems to go out into the Universe. Be aware, however, when you put that word out, the energy attached to it will bring anything up that is not good health to clear. It's a way to do cleanup. If we are at a lower vibration in health, the vibrational difference between where we are now and where we want to be comes up to make the adjustment. Remember this as you select your words. Energy flows where our attention goes.

I have decided personally that I am working on joy, movement, love, and abundance. Joy will be my main word. Since I have already decided this, the sadness that has been in me for a very long time around the past is coming up. My whole life I have been going along at a very fast pace and not taking the proper time to process. As a result, before the joy can come in I have to deal with anything still causing me sadness or disappoint-meant. I have even been dreaming of the past trying to process even in my sleep. I do feel lighter as a result.

Don't be afraid of things coming up. The goal is to keep clearing out and climbing the ladder to your own purpose. Your purpose is to find joy and do what you love. Choose your words wisely!

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