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As we continue to move forward past the effects of COVID leaving behind us in the wake of lost dreams, lost loved ones, and so much more, it's important to know the possibilities that can come out of these dark times. Throughout history, people have resiliently bounced back stronger. It's the heart of people and the heart of the nation that needs recharging at this time. It's as if people are resting, trying to catch their breath before engaging again.

I have looked at this time as the great pause, but really what has been happening is that the pause is allowing everyone one by one to catch their breath before committing to a new direction. For some, it's about clearing their internal beliefs and paradigms from the past that no longer serve them where they are going. Others are using this time as a vision quest. This is a time when we take some time out to be guided by spiritually seeking what direction is next for us. It is about allowing your spirit guide or Angel to point you in the direction that will most benefit you for your spiritual growth.

There are so many possibilities that we can take at this time and we are not limited, but we do need to be clear on the direction we want to go in. Once we have aligned with Spirit’s vision, things seem to all fall into place. When we say yes to ourselves, that is the moment that seems to move mountains. The commitment seems to be the magic juice that gets it in motion.

Let's be clear, a vision quest can lead you to a myriad of choices, but only you along with your guide will know what's right at that time. Let's face it, no one likes change, but it is necessary to grow. You might have the vision to create something new, write a book, start a new business, or even to move to another state. By taking steps in the direction, often the resources and people you may need to assist you will cross your path. This is when you know you are in alignment.

As we move into post-election time, let's use all the energy people are using to defend their position on who they wanted to win, and let's use it to create the new Earth. I have my personal vision for moving forward and I'm holding a beautiful vision for our world to move forward so it can heal from all this separation. May the Earth forgive us for all the emotional dumping we were responsible for during this difficult time. Let's stop now and start to envision a healed world where we are unified in one mind and heart, together in love.

Happy New Earth!


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