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Turning of the Tides

It is that time of the year that we start to review and take inventory of what was accomplished, what was left undone and what is still left in 2018 to complete in these last few months. I know that we all tend to be hard on ourselves. We never seem to look back to see what has shifted or changed within us.

Ask yourself these question as a way to rewind and review the year. ~ Did we shift the way we think about something? ~ Are we a more loving person? ~ Did we challenge ourself by facing a fear? ~ Did we grow in all areas of our lives? ~ Did you get comfortable with the uncomfortable? ~ What was your biggest accomplishment towards yourself? ~ What was your biggest accomplishment towards another? ~ What were all the ways in which you grew spiritually? ~ Were you a bigger expression of love this year? ~ What would you have done differently? Can you have a re-do? If not, imagine in your mind that you're playing it out in a new way. ~ In looking back, what was the biggest theme of this year for you? ~ What was your biggest transformation? ~ What can you appreciate about how you showed up in your life?

Since this is a time of getting ready to turn the tides and let all that was incomplete wash to the shore, what will you focus on for the New Year? It’s important not to wait until the last moment of this year for your own review of 2018.

As you answer these questions, it will help you to know where you want your focus to be in 2019. When you do have new things you want to focus on, imagine you are sending your new wishes and goals out. Just like the tide comes in, we can imagine what we’re wanting to create going back out into the ocean, seeking the right opportunities, connections, gifts and even challenges floating back to us in the right time. As we know, timing and having the right rhythm is so important to us. We can’t run ahead of the plan. Sometimes there are experiences we must have that will then lead us to the next stage of our life.

So when you're taking your inventory of last year, please know that just like the ocean, there is an ebb and flow to everything and when the time is right, you will have all you need to direct your next step on this journey of life.

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