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The Power Of The Eclipses

Since this last Eclipse on July 27, people have been asking me what the heck is going on.

This last Eclipse was a Blood Red Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius. It was also the longest Eclipse of this century. Also, hours before the Eclipse, the planet Mercury went retrograde in Leo, and there was also a challenging aspect that added high tension and the feeling of being more edgy than usual.

During this Leo/Aquarius Eclipse series, we have been all trying to resolve old Karmic issues that we have been hanging on to for way too long. Spirit gives me an image of the game wack a mole. Every time our issues that are painful or that we’re tired of dealing with tries to rear its ugly head, we try to wack it down again. Well, time is definitely up. How long do you want to keep dragging these issues with you? I for one am too tired to keep doing it. These Karmic issues are just trying to seek resolution and healing. Let go, people!

My phone has been ringing off the wall with people asking why everything is so hard right now. The challenging aspect is what we call a T-Square which involves the planets Mars & Uranus. This in itself can bring more tension, intensity, tempers, explosive energies, and triggers to get you to handle things differently. It can make a person feel such energy in their body that they are having panic attacks or feeling their heart racing or wanting to explode.

I am suggesting on the physical level to get in the water. If you can’t get to a body of water, soak in the tub with some sea salt and oils. The water will bring your feeling of wanting to react back to more of a neutral place. When the people you love are annoying you, isolate yourself and reset in the moment. Getting in nature and or taking a nap helps.

Everyone needs more downtime to calm down. Do not rev up and follow this increase of energy or you might just have a major meltdown. For the emotional body, I suggest meditation, journaling or even doing Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to tap out the frustrations.

We all have to find our way through and ultimately these energies will start to subside and pass, so in the meantime don’t take everything so personal. Pause...collect yourself....then respond. You will be so glad that you didn’t react because if you do, you can count on having to do damage control later.


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