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The Hazards Of The Journey

All jobs have certain hazards related to the career your in. Depending on what your job is, It can go from various stages of danger or hazards. Some people just take it in stride, and others may be panicked or fearful. I was thinking about how we all have hazards on this journey we call life. Just from being here we are at risk. Earth has so many traps, pitfalls, and detours. We come to earth as a spirit wanting to experience new adventures, wanting to make a difference, and oh by the way, have some fun all while trying to accomplish our life purpose. Oh yeah!

I’m sure they sold it to us much like a travel agent. Go to Earth and experience  a one of a kind experience. You will see beautiful sites, all uniquely different. You will draw from new experiences, and your never ending quest for the search for consciousness. You will enjoy the best that your vacation has to offer for on the job, firsthand experiences. You will be fully escorted by spirit, while taking optional excursions along the way. Surrounding yourself with stunning panoramas, and encounter interesting people, and cultures. This will be a sensory experience of a lifetime; good foods, good music, and good company.

It feels a little too familiar. Well we’re here now, and some of us have been here a long time. Can we really learn to take it all in as a learning experience, and just enjoy the ride? If we stop complaining, stop procrastinating, and STOP taking it too seriously, then maybe we can get re-inspired, and remember that we are suppose to have fun. My fear is that when we finally get that that part, it will be time to leave. Enjoy the journey!

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