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Supporting Others

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

How many of us hold the daily focus of self-love? If we declare that we love ourself everything else flows from that. It’s a way of supporting ourselves first. If we truly believe that, we can create a resolution that will move that vibration more into our reality. What does it mean to love ourselves? Once we balance our lives as if we really value who we are and what we contribute to the world, all else follows. Sometimes it takes the form of new beginnings, miraculous healings or even major transformational experiences.

Start by saying it a few times a day. I love and accept myself. Then start believing it by taking actions that reflect that. Once you feel supported by yourself you can open the door for more love and support from others. You then feel ready to accept what the universe is sending you through others in your life.

Accepting support is not always easy. For some, they believe it is a sign of weakness. This is not true. Spirit is sending the missing pieces we need to get to where we want to go quicker by sending help. Help is Spirits' way of saying good job! Once we can look at it with new eyes, everything opens up. For when we stand with others, with our tribe, and with those who have been with us from the past, we then allow for support and back up from the universe. Since we all have different gifts, why not have a place in our lives to honor all? Take a look at your life and where you could need some support. Use your "I love myself" mantra daily to start building a stronger vibration and see who or what shows up in your life to lend a helping hand and remember someone may be calling on you for support as well. Be ready to answer the call!

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