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Remembering Your Pets

In this difficult time when we are so occupied with ourselves and how to balance our own lives, it is so important not to forget our four legged friends.

Imagine that they have no real way of expressing themselves when they feel out of sorts. They can’t call a friend, they can’t soak in the tub or drive to the beach. It is our job as owners to take full responsibility for these beautiful souls.

It is so important to remember that they take on plenty of our pain and issues out of love. Many have been sick so we wouldn’t have to be ill ourselves. They are feeling everything we are and more with their sensitivities. My suggestion is to put some self-care for them on the calendar as well.

Animals love to be touched just like we do. Giving them a little rubdown over their spine helps them to reset their nervous system. Any loud noises can and will set them off. Try to talk to them in more of a soft voice. They will follow your lead, so when you're anxious they will be as well. They are very intuitive and sometimes you may be wondering why they are acting a certain way. Remember that sometimes they know more than you do in the moment.

Our animals are like Angels with fur. Treat them with the love and respect they deserve.

They will be so happy that you did!


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