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Making Way For 2019

With 2019 rapidly approaching, it is so important to consciously clear away unfinished business, old resentments, attitudes, and clutter, be it physical, emotional, or mental.

Start clearing away things in your house. Whether you donate, give away, recycle, or put it in a consignment shop, move it on! Sit with the energy of each item, because everything holds energy. Ask yourself, is this energy what I would like to hold onto?

Sometimes in our wanting to hang onto the past, we will try to drag it all with us and it can really be detrimental to our own well-being. It also takes us out of living in the moment and being present for new experiences.

As far as old emotions go, you can check in with yourself and ask, are these feelings causing me or anyone else pain, or does it serve me by bringing me some reminder of joy? If it's unfinished business and if you can't do anything about it, let it go. If you can do something about it, make the call, write the letter and then let it go!

If you have been carrying your year long to do list and still have all those loose ends undone, revisit your list and see which ones still have energy in them for you to complete. It may feel like they are jumping off the page to you. If some have been listed as a maybe I should do this, get rid of it off your list. The ones that you still feel attracted to, get to it. We don't want to start the year dragging our unfinished business with us.

We want to start 2019 fresh and pointing in new directions. If our unfinished tasks roll over, it can feel like we're defeated before we even start. Don't do this to yourself. When we clean out, the universe creates a vacuum to bring in new things to take up the space. Don't wait until January 1st to begin. Start now!

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