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Inspiration Over The Blahs

Lately, everyone I talk to is in some kind of funk or depression. I’ve been in my own lately. I know, hard to believe. It finally hit me. After months of trying to be the cosmic cheerleader for everyone else, I’m reminded of just how human we all are. When it hits, it can bring us to a screeching halt, or to our knees real quick! Of course, all the planets in retrograde doesn’t help. We’re being asked to go back and review everything. Ugh! Here we go one more time looking over our shoulder into our past yet again, to see what we might have missed. Even if we’re not consciously aware of the what, we can still feel the stirring in our psyche.

When you get to the point you can’t even stand yourself because of your temporary depression or boredom, it’s time to pull some inspiration out of the magic hat. We really do have to force ourselves out of the rut we are in. We have to find new ways of keeping ourselves occupied and entertained. When thinking about this, spirit reminded me of how many unfinished projects or books I have. I have always wanted the time to complete them and now is a perfect time. I know I’m not the only one with unfinished projects out there!

Here’s what I propose:

- Make a list of everything that is incomplete.

- Go over the list to see if all of it still holds your interest.

- If not, get it off your list and get rid of the example - book, or program off your computer, etc.

- If it does hold your interest, put it in order of importance to you. Then decide how much time you would like to give it a week. Break it into small daily bite-size pieces. Perhaps an hour a day. Even 15 minutes a day will eventually get you there.

- Schedule it into your daily calendar.

- When you complete the first thing on your list, keep moving down the list.

- Challenge yourself not to buy any more books or order any new programs until you have completed your list.

Little by little you will feel you are collecting your energy back from all these unfinished Post-it Notes in your brain. When that happens you will start to feel your inspiration coming back. It will feel so free to you. When your back in the energy of inspiration, you’re a gift to those around you. So get your pen and paper out and think long and hard about all your incompletes. As we’re just entering August and there are still five months left in 2021, we have plenty of time to have a year-end goal of completion. Get busy and get inspired!

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