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Honoring Your Sacred Wisdom

One of the biggest gifts we have been given is our own intuitive gifts. I believe everyone has these gifts, although some have developed theirs more. As one that does readings, one of the number one questions is, how do I open up my intuition? My answer is always, do you meditate? I believe meditation is key for getting more in touch with your Angels and guides. One can start putting aside ten minutes a day to start getting used to having quiet time. At first, it may seem awkward just sitting there with your mind racing from one thought to another. It's not about how much time you give to it, but rather quality time to focus on opening up. It's been said that prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening to God. It may take time to quiet that monkey mind, but after awhile it will slow down. When it does, that's your opening to listen to what comes through. Usually some kind of idea, guidance or wisdom will pop in. The goal is to just trust it and be with it. There is nothing else to do. In time you will crave more alone time.

This will be your carved out time to be with you, your higher self. This is how you will honor that part of you and your sacred wisdom. Once your wisdom starts coming through and your intuition is flowing, always trust it. Take steps in that direction and then your guides will give you more. Asking questions is a fabulous way to get answers. It is Universal Law that if you ask a question the universe has to answer you. It may come in the form of a fleeting idea or a billboard your driving by. Sometimes they get really creative using songs on the radio to answer. It is your job to be a detective in your own life and see what messages are coming to you. Once you see your answer, ask for validation by the rule of three. The rule of three is getting your same answer three times. Once that happens, take action steps towards it and don't look back. Remember that our intuition is a precious gift that we were all given, so use it or lose it!

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