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Having Gratitude For Our Riches

Gratitude is the way we open the door and open up our heart light. When we take a moment, when we get up to do a quick series of what we are thankful for, it really sets our day. Bless everything in your life. By blessing everything you are not in resistance to anything. When you are not in resistance, things seem to flow easier. Even if it is something challenging you are going through, move the energy by not resisting. Blessings seem to return to you tenfold.

There once was a minister who was in a restaurant and asked the waitress if she wanted to do an experiment for 90 days. She asked what it was. The minister explained that if she blessed every person she waited on she would make more tips. The deal was that if she didn’t notice any difference, the minister would pay her the money.

She had to bless their lives silently. She would wish silently that they would have the blessings and wishes of their lives come true. She agreed to it. By the end of the 90 days when the minister stopped in, she had over tripled her tips. The minister shared he had challenged many people over his life to do this and he never had to pay out any money. What does that tell us?

I am challenging you in your lives to do it for 90 days and see how your life changes, what you manifest, and how you feel at the end of those 90 days. If nothing else, your energy will have changed. Do it for yourself! Remember riches are so much more than money!


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