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Recently, I am becoming so aware of what I call entanglements. My definition of this word is when someone throws you a line out with bait and you take it hook, line and sinker. You take the bait and get intertwined in the rope that was thrown. Before you know it, your stuck in the murkiness of some deep, dark, unpleasantness of someone else’s stuff. Sometimes it can be gossip, drama, or even a hook to make you feel left out or emotionally abandoned. Don’t fall for it people. There can be a seductive quality to this, but I promise you there is nothing there for you but misery if you take the bait.

Especially in smaller communities where people feel lack in their own world, they will try to stir some excitement up by spreading nonsense. Well, I won’t bite. I know that with these entanglements, there are no winners and you are just wasting your own beautiful energies on things that shouldn’t even matter to you. Open your own eyes and keep all of your energy in your own lane. You need all of your own energy to create moment to moment what you would love in your life. Remember you are always on your way to becoming. Do you want to repeat all those lessons, or not? All I know is that I don’t! If you hold onto your own energy, you will have more than enough to keep climbing that vibrational ladder we call life.

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