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Cleanup Campaign

I just got an image of a scene fresh out of October. The scene was a fall scene with all different brightly colored leaves being swirled around in a circle and lifted by a big wind. It was swirling clockwise created its own vortex, almost like a corkscrew going into the earth, yet at the same time spiraling up into the heavens. When I asked Spirit what does this mean, As above, so below popped into my mind. I feel our awareness has to be so acute at this time. It’s as if everyday when going out into the world we take this vortex of ourself, our thoughts, our beliefs and our present actions with us.

We do have to be accountable for what we’re adding into the vortex of Gaia at this time. It feels like her speaking to us through, “ As above, so below.” I think it is a reminder of what we put out from our mind, creates what is in our lives. What we create in our life bleeds out into creating our environment and affecting those around us. That energy adds to the creation of our neighborhood, and then ultimately our world. What we’re putting out into the environment, even if it’s just the energetics of it, it still has a major affect on the earth below us. It is our duty to STOP complaining about what isn’t right in our life or our world and start on a cleanup campaign.

What if just like a campaign to clean trash up and beautify your neighborhood, you could do a cleanup campaign in your own life? Cleanup your thoughts, free up your mind, watch your words and as we have so often heard from Mahatma Gandhi, “ be the change you want to see.”  

For the month of October I am challenging you to participate in this campaign. Join me as we purify, cleanse, transform and shift our way from automatic response to awareness, thinking before we speak and mindfully going through our day. Imagine what could happen with a little focused intention. As we clean our above the earth, there will be a big affect for below the earth as well. Please join me and together let’s see what’s possible.

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