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On this last day of December 2018, I would like to remind all of you the importance of counting your blessings. At this special time of year, we can get caught up with so many other things that we may brush aside our own accomplishments, what we have created for ourselves and others and all those special people in our lives that make our lives run smoothly. It's easy to bypass the ones that work for you, the people who do their jobs well so we can do ours.

Think of the everyday people in your life. I am always so aware to thank people for doing their jobs well. I have heard many people remark that that's their job as if their personally accountable to us. Think of how you feel when someone compliments you on a job well done, even if it's your job. In a world of negativity and fear, it is important to remember that we never know what's going on with someone else personally. I try to remember this when anyone in the service industry is servicing me in some way. It's easy to join the mentality of others by complaining, but this never gets you anywhere, it just brings down your vibration and leaves you feeling tired and empty. It zaps your energy and creates a downward spiral.

I would like to thank all my clients and friends for your kindness, loving support and curiosity to keep showing up to grow spiritually. Without all of you, I could not do what I love. I never take that for granted as I see so many people looking to find and express their life purpose. I feel blessed to be living mine.

Thank you to all the grocery clerks, mailmen or woman, retail clerks, waitresses, trainers, housekeepers, bartenders, accountants, lawyers, realtors, delivery people, florists, therapists, teachers, doctors, nurses, policeman, fireman, hairdressers, contractors, writers, mechanics, travel agents and every other occupation that are too many to name here. We can't do everything you do. We are all experts in our own field and we have to trust each one of you that takes care of us in different ways. I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart and know that because you do your job well, I have more time to do mine well. May this new year bring you a new awareness and a new pride with your contribution to all of us. Each of you does make a difference. May 2019 be a year that brings you all happiness, abundance, good health and growth.

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