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Using Nature As A Learning Experience

Nature truly holds so many blessings and gifts for us. If only we can read the signs and follow the directions it is guiding us to. Taking a walk can turn into such an adventure if we stay alert to what is happening around us. The trees, birds, animals, clouds, and all other sites around you hold clues of the messages spirit is trying to send to you. Next time you go outside for a walk be alert to the signs, sounds, and visuals around you. Ask for guidance about a certain question you may have and notice what's around you, and how your answers may come through the signs around you. There are many good books that will explain the symbolism of what you see around you and the message that is there. Journaling can be a great way to connect with your soul for more information. Animal totems are powerful allies.

An animal totem is a symbolic representation of your animal that can guide you. Each animal represents something. As an example, the Hummingbird represents joy and the wolf represents the teacher. When you see an animal, trust that it has a message for you. “Animal Speaks” is a great book to look up the meanings of seeing animals. If we are always aware of the signs around us and the messages they represent, it can be easier to move through our lessons and learnings. Most of us don't take the time to sit with nature to observe the gem that each piece holds inside. Spirit speaks in many ways, even through the flowers we see and the colors that they are. If we are clear on how to interpret them, we can often get back on the right track without missing a beat.

This winter, take time to have a walkabout. Maybe it's time for you to explore the area you live in; the woods, the water, or even the unique discoveries that lie there. By doing this you open yourself up to different messages and guidance. It can be fun to pretend you are on an adventure every time you step out into nature. What discoveries will you find? What will get your attention? What is nature itself trying to tell you? Make it fun and be on the lookout for the signs and signals. I suggest most importantly, going alone. If you go with someone else you may miss what you have gone to find. You do not need the distraction. Have fun with it!

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