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The Universe That Lies Within

There is a universe that lies inside of each of us. In every cell lies the full potential of all that is. It is truly up to us which storyline we choose to follow and actualize in our life. Each story will present a different path, life, circumstances, and outcome based on what we choose. Yes, there are choice points along the way where we can make a different decision that may change the path or the outcome. Sometimes we may get distracted along the way by shiny things that are merely disguised as something magical. But looking deeper we may see that when we look closer it's like putting a fresh coat of paint over a dirty, faded wall.

What is it that makes a new path irresistible? Is it that we get bored, stuck, or want something greater? Maybe it's different for all of us. When we stay true to the path and universe we pick, it all comes together in Divine timing.

When I was walking today, I saw many acorns on the ground. It made me think about how in nature as well there are tiny universes in each leaf and plant. Within each acorn lies the seed for the oak tree itself. Stop and think about it. That in itself is a miracle. Each seed holds within it the template for that particular plant. The color it will be, the size, what plant it is, and so much more. If we keep thinking about our Creator and all that was created to help us move through these crossroads and difficult times in our lives, it truly is amazing!

The point of this is to remember that we can choose over and over again until we get it right. It needs to feel like the right mini-universe, and script that we are living out, and if not, make a change!

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