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The Times They Are A Changing

Our souls are in great cultivation at this time, as we expand our capacity to love. Many of you have volunteered to be forerunners for this and you know what I am talking about. All of a sudden it really doesn’t matter about all the trivial and it seems as if it’s all trivial in one way or another. When we shift into a more loving way of being in the world, our outer world seems to make the shift on its own. By staying continually in the present moment no matter what, we are better able to navigate through the murky waters of so called time and move forward, just by allowing ourselves to breathe through it. If we just take the present moment to focus on our breath and imagine breathing through our hearts, the intensity of what is shifts. We are learning to become masters of fear by doing this, no longer allowing all of our precious life force to spill out, wasting it for what we may not be able to change anyways. Love is the only way. Staying in our hearts. Letting any of the old emotions rise up to the surface to breathe, much like a underwater swimmer surfacing to take a big breath of air. When we do this, we lesson the pain and bring the light in. Our hearts are the keepers of every emotion, disappointment and memory that once was. Scientists now know what I’ve always intuitively knew, that the heart records our experiences good or bad, so we are being asked to surrender all of this, let it go and let our heart love again. Sure, as you start this practice of the heart, it is not uncommon for you to be tested from people who just aren’t there yet. They may try to hurt you or try to get you to react to them or what their doing. The key word here is try. YOU own whether or not you are going to respond from a place of fear or love. The choice is yours. All I know is that as these changes are coming fast and furious, we have to choose a different way, one that gives us peace. That is our natural way and the only way through this. 💗

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