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The Medicine that Feeds Us

Medicine has many different meanings. The medicine that I'm going to be talking about

Is what we call those thing's that eventually, heal us. It may be said that this is good medicine when something happens in our lives that has the potential for great healing.

Often, we may go through horrible experiences that seem to rip us open or challenge us to the core only to find out that the healing on the other side of it all was worth the experience. It's kind of like having a baby. You may go through a lot of pain when you're in labor but soon after it you seem to forget the pain when you see your child's face.

It's like those angels with a mask on ( those people that drag us through the mud)

that assist us with the healing process, whether we want it or not.

Shamans, those healers that seem to have magical powers and utilize nature to the fullest, are known to bring good medicine to people. Often we turn to the spirit or the supernatural to help assist us through these difficult times. Doctors or healers may heal the body at times, but Shamans heal the spirit. We think of the villains in our lives as the problem but in reality, they were the medicine.

Moving on after one of these experiences can be so healing. It’s when we have a Eureka moment that we seem to be more conscious of, at least in that moment, of why the pain was necessary to give us the medicine to heal. The medicine truly heals our spirit and then we are ready to release and let go of the woundedness that keeps the story playing out.

At this very moment, I just had my own Eureka moment! Think about this. People get sick, go see a doctor, and get prescription medication first, and it interrupts the healing process for many because when left alone, the body knows how to heal itself.

In different cultures, they believe that when you get sick it is the spirit that is ill underneath. They may have you go through a series of initiations, ceremonies, or even physical endurance rituals using the elements to help you heal. Although they are providing the tools you need for healing, they're only holding space for you. They are not interfering with your process. They are holding space for the body to find its way to Heal and balance once again. This in itself is healing medicine. This is why often in traditional medicine, people get the same disease back again. They haven't healed what caused this imbalance in the first place. By realizing we do have the power to be our own medicine, we can heal the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical body. The cells remember and know the way home.

P.S. I'm not saying you are right or wrong. Whatever path you choose is right for you.

Just shining a light on some thoughts.

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