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The Light in Action

This is an auspicious time to focus on the light. We may think we’re doing enough and as soon as we take our focus off our practices, we forget or time just gets away from us. If it is indeed true that this is the time we trained for lifetime after lifetime, then it is so important for us to get it right! Getting it right means we do all that we can do to assist the people, the planet, and the beings of light that surround us even though you may not be able to see them. This is like our soul’s graduation assignment, where we are being tested and graded for our participation.

Light in action means we continuously are doing things to add to the positive vibration of this planet, not focusing on everything that is or could go wrong. That is a waste of time, energy, and bringing more vibrational attention to what we don't want.

Be your best self and express and be a loving example to all you meet or encounter on your path to the light. When you cross someone struggling to hold a higher vibration, just observe. Do not get sucked into processing their demons for them or they will soon be yours if you let them. By holding a neutral place for them and blasting them with the light without judgment, that alone can shift things. We are constantly being tested and I believe that whatever crosses our path is a learning for us. It's very easy to point a finger and blame others for the condition of the world when in truth, we all hold a piece of responsibility.

Ask yourself what can you do to step up your service to the light? How can you make a bigger difference in the world? How can you be an example of light in action? For some, it may be meditation, prayer, helping others, seeing a need and filling it for someone else, listening, or healing the waterways or earth. Many of the things we do are not for attention or to be noticed. In fact, most of what we do no one will ever see or know. We do it because it's the right thing to do and we want to add more light to the world. You know, be part of the solution, not the problem. If we want to focus on problems there are many to focus on. I choose to be in my natural state which is to be loving and kind and offer help where it's needed, just like you. So keep your ears and eyes open and step it up! Be the light that you are and find new ways to put it into action. Own who you are and let's all pass this so we can all ascend.

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