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The Beauty of Sedona

Sedona is a beautiful paradise. No matter how many times I have traveled there, I find myself always longing to go back. When I ask myself what is it that pulls me there over and over again, I realize it's the beauty and peacefulness of nature. Up until recently, I haven't made the time I should to get out into nature. When I'm there, it's like looking through a kaleidoscope of all different shades of colors - all peaceful and calming. You can actually hear yourself think and it's easy to quiet the mind. The scenery is breathtaking, with nature in its many forms. Even the elements seem to be whispering "relax, don't worry, it's all fine". What I do know is that every time I come back I'm rested, clear and recharged. There are different vortexes and each represents different energies; some male, some female. Each one assists one to heal using the different energies of the location.

I have lead journeys to Sedona and this will be the first time I had to cancel because of my own healing. When you read this I will be there with Gerard doing my own personal healing. I will be putting together another group trip in the future so stay tuned. I am leaving Saturday, February 1st and will be checking my emails. Please send me your name if you would like healing from the energies and we will do a healing circle for all of you. Please no lengthy messages. Just state that you would like healing. You can also ask on behalf of someone else. We will be going to the Chapel of The Holy Cross and we will light a large candle for the group since this Chapel holds the Christed healing energy of the heart. For you meditators, connect with us and feel for yourself.

Blessings! Brenda


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