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Spirits Helpers

Whether you believe in God, Spirit or the Universe it doesn’t matter. It's time not to argue about beliefs anymore but to stop the separation of any kind. I am not here to defend anything. I am here for offering new ways to think about things. Everyone knows what is right for them; their beliefs, feelings, and thoughts. The larger importance of this is to know that there may be one source and although that one source can do anything, there are helpers along the way. We have Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters that are also available to everyone. Some people prefer to go right to God with problems or to find solutions. Some people love to go to these other Angels or guides.

Ascended Masters are beings of light that have once walked on this earth and have cleared all Karma and have ascended into higher states of being. There are many. To give some examples, Jesus, Mother Mary, Isis, Buddha, Quan Yin, and many more. Each one has a specialty to help us with even though they can do anything. Jesus is about working with unconditional love and forgiveness; Mother Mary is about love and peace; Isis has to do with bringing your dreams into reality; Buddha has to do with going deep within; Quan Yin is all about mercy and compassion. Knowing this, one can understand why someone would like to go to one of them for help. I utilize all of them including God when I’m in need. Often the reason they offer themselves to help with these particular topics is that they were dealing with these issues during their time on earth. They have mastered those lessons and just like a Master teacher, are here to pass on the teachings. I’ll be sharing more information about this topic in the future.

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