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Returning To Love

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Tis the season to be loving. As we're coming more into the holiday season, remember to express more love. It is the perfect time of year to hold the vibration of love. Ask yourself how I can be more loving to myself and others during this time. First, do your self-inventory. What’s your self talk about who you are and how you see your body? How are you handling situations that don’t work out? Are you beating yourself up or are you looking at how you can walk away with the lesson, and learning what is valuable to you? Are you judging others? If so, STOP because that is wasted energy. No one truly knows how people have arrived at the conditions of where they are at. Be compassionate and send loving thoughts and kindness to everyone you meet in your day.

I love Christmas because people are more loving and generous with their spirit. I can feel the vibration of unity and kindness. Even though there are many who get stressed out because of the demands they put on themselves, I still love it! This season, give up one thing that stresses you out that you can do without. Fill that time with something you can do for others to make their day. I just love the spirit of giving and my heart becomes so full when we not only help others but it also changes our vibration. If love is our natural state, then why would we resist this?

For the month of December, I challenge you to do one act of kindness every day for another and one as an act of self-love. This will be a wonderful way to finish out this year and to get a quantum start to 2020. Feel the love!


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