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Reclaim Your Mojo

As we move into the new year of 2022 it is more important than ever to own your power of knowing. Each one of you knows your correct path and what excites you and brings you joy. In the expanded energy of this year, your cells will be vibrating faster than ever. Remember the time will fly by even faster than last year. You are safe and held by the Divine, as you move forward fearlessly into the unknown. Get clear in this first quarter about what you would like to be, do or have this year and go for it! You may first have to do a little self-inventory. Get rid of the residue of leftover 2021 dreams or goals and get ready to soar with new ones. This year focus on bringing in more of your expanded self. Try it on for size and see if you feel any more confident about your new journey.

One of the themes I see for this year is seeing our words like a spell. They have power in them. Only put out the vibration of what you would like to make manifest in your life. By repeating our stories of woe from the past, we slingshot out into the world lower energies, and of course, attract more of the same vibration. When are we truly going to master this? We need to model this in the highest form out into the world. Just be the vibration you want to come back to you. Don't shout it from the rooftops of how great and evolved you are, people will feel it. Anything else is coming from the ego.

Also, look for where you are leaking energy in your life. Do you give your power away to everyone else thinking they know more than you? Do you wait for your so-called spiritual friend to give you direction before you act? Do you have a long list of unfinished things in your life that need cleanup? Start completing these one at a time. The goal is to get back your energy. Maybe you put everyone else first on your list and run out of juice for yourself. Reverse it. The goal is always to find a balance between giving and receiving and doing and being.

This can be YOUR year for finally accomplishing what's most important to you. So don't waste the energy. As the song says, “you’ve got to move it move it.” Get going and claim it. Stake out your piece of the pie and ride the energies of 2022!

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