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Preparing To Receive

Many that believe, are just waiting to receive. We expect miracles but don't want to take the time to prepare for them. We have to be at the vibration of receiving, not the vibration of doubt or lack. Take a moment to look at what stands in YOUR way of receiving. Do you need to detoxify your body, mind, environment, or detoxify your heart? Worry keeps you in a lower vibration just spinning your wheels and continuing to draw in more of the same lower energies. Once we detoxify, we create a higher vibrational slate for receiving. We make space for what we have prayed and wished for all along. Miracle healings in any situation are currently available to you. It is your Divine birthright as a sovereign being to have the potential outcome you want. If you do your part it will manifest. The timing may be based on Divine timing, so be patient and keep clearing.

I believe that sometimes we need to take a break after the clearing work. Take time out to vacation or do something fun. Just by doing what you love, will help your vibe as well. This doesn't have to mean take a lengthy and costly vacation. Sometimes by changing the scenery we get recharged enough to come back and work at a higher capacity, while we gain much more clarity about the direction of our lives. If you have been waiting for a while for something to manifest, try it!

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