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Owning Your Genius

Inside each one of us lies a unique gift that God has given us and I call this our genius.

It is the thing we do without even having to think about it. It comes to us naturally. We don't have to practice it or prepare it because it's a part of us, no different than breathing. When we discover what that is, it's our job to use it. After all, God gave it to us as a gift and it's important to share our gift with others. For some, it is so easy to do that they may not even value it. Our genius is lying dormant waiting for us to become consciously aware of it. Once we become aware of it, own it, use it and magnify it to help others.

Genius is defined as exceptional, brilliance and a creative power or natural ability. Genius is highly individual. It is almost like the forces of fate that we are destined to step into. It has its own rhythm and keeps haunting you until you use it. It may feel like something that keeps nudging you to do. Your genius is involved in your purpose and it is up to you to make the fit on how you want to bring it into the world. Stop talking about your purpose, look for your natural gift, figure out what you would love to do with it and like the Nike commercial says, JUST DO IT!

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